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We all experience difficulties at some points in our lives: problems with relationships, feelings of anxiety about work or home, sexual concerns, ongoing sadness or depression, problems with alcohol or drugs, or feelings of anger or panic. Counselling and Psychotherapy are one way we can come to understand what we are experiencing and gain insight into how we can move forward. [more...]

“Being in therapy is great. I spend an hour just talking about myself. It's kinda like being the guy on a date.”

I believe that the most important factor in effective therapy is the quality of the relationship between therapist and client(s). What is learned in therapy needs to be integrated into life, so it is “changed into our very blood.” That is why I am not keen to see people more than twice a week: integration takes time and doesn't just take place in the consulting room!

I work with women and men, straight and gay, couples and families with a wide range of presenting issues. I specialise in alcohol/substance abuse, sexual addictions, survivors and perpetrators of emotional/physical/sexual abuse or neglect.

Find out more about couples therapy, sex therapy and my training.

Fees, etc

Individuals : from £70 upwards; fees for sessions at the beginning and end of day are higher; £80 - £100 Saturday. Couples : from £80 daytime; £90 evening; £120 Saturday.

Some reduced fee places available.

Sessions last 50 minutes.

Therapy arises because people don't feel heard by others or by themselves. In the absence of being able to listen to others as part of normal social life, therapy can help address these difficulties.

No one goes to therapy unless they are in extreme difficulty. It isn't an easy choice and it isn't cosy. Susie Orbach
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