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About Jaap A. Westerbos

Jaap A. Westerbos

I am an experienced qualified coach and counsellor. I am also a supervisor, spiritual counsellor, artist and a writer. I train supervisors, executive coaches and leaders both in the UK and abroad.

I lived for many years in Amsterdam, where I have been trained by Thale Bout, one of the first successful personal development trainers in the Netherlands. I published a book in collaboration with Thale: World Wide We.

In the 1990's I studied Buddhism for three years in the United States.

My approach to counselling is to disturb boundaries in a gentle but confrontational way to support personal enquiries at ever increasing depth to accomplish healing and continuous growth.


I did not
have to ask my heart what it wanted,
because of all the desires I have ever known just one did I cling to
for it was the essence of
all desire:

to hold beauty in
my soul’s
St John of the Cross

floating flowers